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Are there any support groups that meet in the Laurel, Silver Spring area?


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    Bonnie, I live in Parkville, MD and the Penny Saver for our area listed cancer support groups. You may want to look in yours. Hope this helps.

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    Bonnie - I live in Silver Spring and while I know nothing about it, I know Holy Cross Hospital sponsors some support groups- including one for colorectal patients. Following is the contact info:

    Colorectal Cancer Network
    Meets on the second and fourth Thursday of each month from 7 - 9 p.m. in the ground floor auditoriums. Facilitated by Priscilla Savary. For more information, call 301-879-1500.

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    Ahoy, Bonnie -

    I recently moved back to the DC area - I'm now stationed in Silver Spring (but looking for a house in College Park/Laurel area). When I was doing chemo I lived in Laurel. I used to get a monthly newsletter from one of the local hospitals that listed a couple of colon cancer support groups (although I didn't attend). Drop me an e-mail to my box here and I'll give you my phone number. In the mean time, I'll wrack my brain and see if I can remember what hospital it was - I wanna say St. Vincent's, but lemme think about it.


    - SpongeBob