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My best friend's dad - he's 74, she's 29- was diagnosed with MM in June 05. He started treatment straight away with a view to having a bonemarrow transplant, however has had two heart attacks in the last three weeks. They have basically stopped all treatment. An angiogram today showed he has a 70% restriction in his arteries. The only stat they will give my friend is that his protein count has gone from 33 to 78 in three weeks. Can anyone tell me what this means as far as time? Limits? What to say to help her through loosing her only surviving parent? Thanks


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    Hi there absgabs. My dad has MM dx 4yrs ago. He had a stem cell transplant 3yrs ago which didnt take. Has been on different chemo and drugs ever since. Last Nov. 2004 he was bite by
    a brown spider (very deadly). He lived but all meds were stopped for 4months which his count went over 9000. My dad refused to give up and said no matter what he would fight the cancer. Drs gave him blood transfusions which the blood pooled on the top layer of skin (made his skin black). He looked so bad! His dr gave him thelidamide and steroids which the count started to come down. Over time the count has come down but now on its way back up again. This has been a rollcoaster ride with the protein count. Out of a group of 5 drs all had given up on my dad but one. If you friends dad could get the drugs to slow the cancer it may help bring his count down. I can tell you there are 2 forms of this cancer a fast killing one gone within 5yrs and the slow one with people living over 10yrs. My dad is in stage 4 of MM and still hanging on. Give her this web site so she can read what others are and have gone through with MM. She is not alone! This is a very scary cancer with lots of unanswered questions. As what to say to your friend, just listen to her when she needs to talk and dont be afraid to just hug her and say nothing. Sorry if this is not much help. Good luck.