need prayers for upcoming ct scan

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Well dad's ct scan is scheduled for next Wednesday and as usual I'm sick worrying about it. To make matters worse, he doesn't look well to me and now he told me he lost some weight. That's really all I needed to hear. I can tell he's also worried to death but he's just not the type of person to talk about it, but I see it on his face. I'm hoping his not looking so well is due to anxiety and only anxiety!! I am so so scared guys. It seems I am even more scared this time than 3 months ago. This is his 6 month post chemo checkup and please please keep him in his prayers and that he remains NED.




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    I can completely relate to your anxiety. My dad is scheduled for scans on Monday to determine if this 2nd round of chemo is being effective on his recurrance. I too, am sick with worry and so is my Dad. I will absolutely keep your Dad in my prayers and I've been saying a whole lot more of them lately. Please keep my dad in your prayers as well.

    Best Wishes,
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    You and your dad will be in my prayers. Mike
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    I understand the anxiety you will both be in my prayers
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    Those days before testing are brutal. None are easy. Your Dad sounds scared to death. That is how I feel too. I have learned how to avoid people in person around my testing because of it. I do talk on the phone and try to sound upbeat but deep down inside, it eats at me. That is even with good news I have gotten with my last 2 tests. I think that is normal for us cancer folks. I feel confident that your Dad will be fine. Just keep being the wonderful daughter you are. He knows you are with him and that is so important. He will continue to be in my prayers (he has been for a while now).

    Lisa P.
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    keeping you and your dad in my thoughts and prayers..
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    ramona41 said:

    keeping you and your dad in my thoughts and prayers..

    Hi Susana.I am having bloods done tuesday and right now am getting a little touchy too sweetie. I am now 17 months NED and I don't think it gets any easier each time I have to wait for scans or bloods. The 3 or 4 days prior I start to get tha heebies. Then it is the waiting for results.
    Gunna send yah a rainbow Susana.I am going to think of your dad tuesday when the doc. sticks me and I'll go right on thinkin about him wednesday while I wait for results.
    Look after yourself Susana....the rainbow will shine on your dad babe. Huggs Ross n Jen