Paw Paw and Lung Cancer

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My 81 year old mother was diagnosed with Stage IIIb non small cell adenocarcinoma of the lung in November 2004. She has consistently refused chemotherapy and started on Protocel-50 and organic diet, which she has continued since then. Until two weeks ago, there had been no progression of her disease. But now, her CAT scan of August 9, 2005 shows extensive spread of her cancer in the chest wall, and lymph nodes, even a mass in her adrenal gland. Today, we switched her to Paw Paw, 1 capsule four times a day and removed the Protocel, while continuing the other immune building supplements she has been taking. Does anyone have any experience with the effectiveness of Paw Paw in treating (Stage IV) lung cancer successfully? My mom is resigned to her condition and insists she does not want to try any toxic traditional chemotherapy. We are also consider Insulin Potentiation Therapy w/ chemo if she will agree. Any advice you can offer would be most welcome, as we are grief-stricken over this latest report. Thank you.