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Just had a CT scan, it looks like scar tissue? Can a tumor look like scar tissue? Is this normal? I have a good CA125 it is 8. Has any one had CT scan and they talked about seeing scar tissue?. Because of my concern will have another in 3 months. Dx OC 3A Grade 1 Dec 2003, 6 rounds carb/taxo ended Apr 2004.

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    Hi! My name is Donna, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer that had spread to my liver in April 2002. I had a hysterectomy and had many different kinds of chemo from April 2002 through Feb. 2003. Anyway, scar tissue is to be expected after any kind of surgery. I have scar tissue from the hysterectomy and also I have scar tissue in my liver from where the chemo killed the tumors that were there. Scar tissue is what remains when the body is healing, much like a scar that you see on the outside after an injury. I would not be concerned about the doctors finding scar tissue on the CT. If they are waiting for 3 months to do the repeat CT, the doctors are not too worried about what they saw. I definitely understand your concern.....I still get concerned when I have an ache or pain that I can't explain. I know that it is easier said than done, but try not to worry too much. From what you have stated it sounds like you are doing well! I would keep the CT appointment for 3 months, but if you have any other symptoms like bloating, pain, unexplained weight gain (the usual cancer stuff) give your doctor a call to see if he wants to change the appointment to a sooner time.
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