8 years later and my port is out!

TheSunCameUp Member Posts: 8
Well it has been 8 1/2 years since my last treatement and all is good. I had my port out on Friday morning. After the surgeon calling for a fleet of tow trucks and a small crane it slipped out. All in all not too bad 2 days and 25 vicodine later I feel great. God speed to quick revoveries for everyone.


  • truejoy8
    truejoy8 Member Posts: 41
    Congratulations! Both on getting that dang port out at last and for being cancer free for 8 1/2 years! ^_^
  • gp09
    gp09 Member Posts: 18
    Congratulations! I thought mine was in long, a year and three or four months. The only thing I had beforehand was a rash that started on my feet and spread everywhere. And a few months after I finished chemo I had another one so the doctor left it in just in case. It turned out it was from the laundry detergent my girlfreind was using, one I'm allergic to. Anyway, that's nothing compared to 8 1/2 yrs. And congratulations on the remission, soon enough you'll be in the second ten years too.