Anyone Hear Of Avastin Pill

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Hi everyone, hope all is well. I was wondering if anyone heard of or has used a Avastin Pill after your chemo was through. My sister said she heard there was a pill now and when she asked my dads dr he said he never heard of such a thing. If anyone heard of it or is on it can you please let me know any information about it. Like how long you take it or any side affects or results from it. Thanks everyone. Mindy


  • HowardJ
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    I don't believe Avastin comes in pill form however several companies are developing drugs in pill form which have the same effect, although different mechanism of action. If you search the web for VEGF Inhibitors or anti-angiogenesis agents you should find information. These are the new "targeted therapies".
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    Hey, Mindy! To my knowledge, there is no pill form of Avastin, but 5-FU in pill form is Xeloda and I THINK Erbitux (not sure spelling) may come in pill form. It affects the growth factor of cancer cells and so in that way is somewhat similar to Avastin (an anti-angiogenesis drug), so perhaps that's what you're thinking of.

    I have to continue with Avastin therapy for a year after FOLFOZ w/ Avastin has finished, and I know that I will have to have an infusion every three weeks for that.