Kidney and Liver Damage

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Hi, I was diagnosed with bc in Nov 2002, had surgery, chemo, and am on tamoxifen. Prior to bc, I was as healthy as can be (with the exception of being somewhat overweight). NOW, I have developed type 2 diabetes, and as of my last few appointments, something is up with my liver. At this most recent appointment with my pc, there's also something going on with my kidneys, and suddenly my cholesterol is at a point where she'd like me on meds (but can't right now, due to liver issues). She thinks it's the tamoxifen...I just know that my health and quality of life has been affected by my bc (and mine was only stage 1, no nodes...although I had a mastectomy and tram flap recon). I even had my first cavity/filling AFTER chemo (and that happened when I was 45!)... Go figure. I'm just wondering if there are others out there like me -- Type 2 Diabetes, kidney and liver issues? Any advice...? thanks heaps! Barb


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    Hey Barb, Although I haven't had the damage you have, I do have other things I can share with you. My eyesight is awful since being on the tamox. I recently was taken off of it(after 4 yrs) and put on arimidex. Of course the damage is done though! My teeth were really affected by the chemo as well!! I had to have a bottom partial made. Youre not alone, my friend. I think we all have different things happen to us from the meds. As if the cancer wasnt enough!! Keep in touch. K
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    YES, there are those of us who are very sensative to everything that they do to us and I happen to be one. Trauma to the body and often surgery seems to bring on Diebetes for some, but even an accident could do this.
    The side effects are many and most often are not a problem for most. But for those of us that are sensative even surgery comes with its own set of side effects, nerve damage and soft tissue damage causing tremendous pain.
    I think the best thing that we can do is continue to fight for the quality in for our lives and get issues addressed the best that we can. I hope that you can accept all the changes and move on from this point and have the life we all diserve.
    Be good to yourself always,