SVC obstruction

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My father has stage 4 nsclc. Unfortunately the chemo hasn't worked and the tumour is particularly aggressive. The lymph nodes in his chest are now enlarged and obstructing his superior vena cava. His oncologist is sending him for 2 high doses of radiotherapy. If he survives this, there is a small chance he may be started on alternative chemo.

My father's being extremely brave and positive and would find it very encouraging to know that others have coped with this.
Does anyone have any experience of something similar? I'd be so grateful to hear from you if you have.


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    hi, first, your father is in my prayers. I am mike, small cell lung cancer, the tumor , measured 5 inches x 4 inches x 3 inches, it was on my left lung, in lung, in lymph nodes, wrapped around aorta artery and pushing against my esophogus. I am inoperable . I had first cisplatnum and etopicide(vp-16) , three day cycles and off for three weeks, the second cycle I had a very bad reaction to it and was hospitalized for three days. I then started carboplatnum, etopicide and taxol, again three days of treatment and off for three weeks. I started radiation in the fourth cycle when they shrunk the tumor enough to get it in one port of radiation. I had radiation five times a week to chest , side and back for six and a half weeks. I am now in remission for three years since last feb. I hope this helps to encourage your father, they also gave me no hope of ever leaving the hospital(5% chance of survival). I hope this does encourage your father to fight and never give up. Mike , I am now just 54 yrs old