Breast size after radiation

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I had a partial mastectomy on June 8 and just finished my 31 radiation treatments today. My tumor was very small, only .83 CM, but my breast is about 1/3 smaller than the other one now.Does anyone know if the size will change even more in the next few weeks? I'm not sure if I want to do reconstruction and if insurance covers it after a partial mastectomy. Does anyone know the laws on the insurance issue?


  • Idalia
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    Hi Kat, I had a lympectomy on my larger breast in 2/03. Once the swelling went down from surgery, it became my smaller breast, about 1/3 smaller than the other breast. Radiation didn't change it's size at all, but it is not really noticeable when I'm dressed. I still wear the same size bra and tops. I have since met several women who had complete mastectomies who didn't have reconstruction done and others, like me, whose breasts never matched in the first place! I didn't want to have any more surgery, but reconstruction should be covered by your medical insurance. The condition was caused by cancer, afterall! By all means, call your insurance provider and ask. Good luck.
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    Believe it or not, my radiated breast ended up noticeably LARGER than the healthy one. My docs actually offered me surgery on the healthy one to enlarge it to the cancer one! I chose to stick with what I've got......