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I had an inplant reconstruction after my mastectomy - delayed a year and a half after my mastectomy. The process has taken nearly one year for the surgery, expansion treatments, and "final" surgery. I went to a "teaching hospital" - the only way the insurance would pay (Blue Cross). The result is a disaster - I'm really messed up now. I had a second opinion - outside of my insurance providers list - from an experienced plastic surgeon but he said he "wouldn't be comfortable" trying to fix this one. Any ideas what to do? Currently I have one A cup and one D cup and my natural breast is now misshapen with an odd shaped nipple that has a wiggly black like tattooed around it. The breast with the implant has no nipple. There are big - raised scars from the surgery to take out the expander and put in the implant. I can live with the scars, and even the misshapen breast, but the size difference is a real problem since I live in a hot area and I can't always hide behind big bulky swearshirts.


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    Hello Myname,
    I am sorry these problems have happened to you. I am not sure how you feel about teaching hospitals now, but I was treated for leukemia at a teaching hospital. Actually, many teaching hospitals are home to the country's top surgeons. Would you feel comfortable trying to track down a teaching hospital that has a good BOARD certified plastic surgeon? Are you restricted to hospitals in your area? I do hope you find some help soon. Take care and God bless.
    -Michael (leukemia survivor)