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Hi- has anyone had any experience with Sloan Kettering hospital? I hear it's the best? I know that it's horribly expensive but if my boyfriend doesn't get good results in next scan, we're seriously considering it. (he has mets to his liver). I don't care if I've to sell the house and move back in with my parents if it helps. He's on CPT 11 and erbitux and the moment so please God he'll respond to that. Any comments would be much appreciated. Scan is in mid-Sept.



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    Hi Joanne,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your boyfriend. I have heard that Sloan Kettering is one of the best cancer hospitals around....I don't have personal experience.

    I go to MD Anderson in Houston which is also renowned for being one of the best cancer centers. The care I received there is the best. Depending on where you live...I know there are several at this site to go to Mayo also and are very pleased with that.

    I wish you and your boyfriend the best of luck with his treatment. Keep up informed to how you both are doing.

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    Hi Joanne, I wanted to go to Sloan Kettering for my liver resection from what I was told there is a fantastic liver surgeon there. My insurance company would not let me. We put in a greivence twice and our reasons why I should have my surgery there and I was turned down twice. I was so upset. I went online searching and found a liver surgeon at the University of Penn in Philadelphia. I had no idea how to pick one good surgeon from another I was soooo worried I could only go by what I read on his page. The liver surgeon I was referred to at Sloan I was referred to by my oncologist and he even wrote a letter for me to have the resection there and my insurance company still said NO. As long as they feel someone is just as qualified in the serving area they told me that is where I am to go .... :o( So I went to University of Penn and pray he did a good resection on me. I'm sorry to hear about your boyfriend please tell him to be strong and pray and not give up. I will pray for him along with all of my other friends.... Doreen ~
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    Sloan-Kettering is one of the best cancer centers in the country. There are others of equal statures as well but in the NY area, it's number 1.
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    Hey there. IMHO if your boyfriend is not going to have surgery, I do not know how important it is to go to Sloan Kettering. I went to MD Anderson only when I had to have a liver resection. I decided to go because of the surgeon down there. I wanted someone who does liver resections daily, not 4 a year or something like that. You know? As far as treatment goes, however, I think that they all (oncologists) pretty much follow the same protocols across the board. So, if he is just getting chemo then it probably does not matter which onc. you see.
    This is JMO.....
    If he has good insurance and they will cover you no matter what, then go for it.
    There are benefits to staying close to home, however, for things like scans and chemo.
    If the Camptosar/Erbitux is not working then perhaps you can try Avastin and/or look into clinical trials. Since I do not know the history of his case, I cannot say much else about it.
    Best of luck to you,