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My mom had lung cancer 4 years ago and had surgery
to remove a small tumor, and 4 years later she has small tumor again, she still was scared about 4 years ago's surgery and does not want to do this time, but she does not want Chemo either due to the pain, is this possible to ask Iressa prescriptions? from this site, seems people only take Iressa only after failing with Chemo or Raidation, did anyone use Iressa right in the beginning? Thanks


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    Hi Tao:

    What type of cancer did your mother have? Was it Bronchoalveolar carcinoma (BAC), which is a subtype of adenocarcinoma which is a subtype of non-small cell lung cancer?

    With regard to iressa, it is not a safe drug and I understand that the drug company may pull it from the market due to its side effects. There were some deaths in Japan after taking this drug. However, I must admit that for some it has been a "wonder drug". Reaserchers are now trying to find out why the drug works in some and not in others.
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    We're going through this w/ my dad... it seems as though Tarceva is now used instead of Iressa and you're right... only after a failed attempt of chemo. or radiation... Iressa (which i understand is a very similar drug, but manufactured by a different company) is offered in clinical trials however... my dad was offered to participate in a trial which included Iressa and radiation... side effects were scary and he will probably not do it. Hope this helps. God bless you and your family.