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I have a general question, does doing chemo require admission to hospital? or can this be like visiting the doctor, doing chemo, then going home to take a rest to wait for next turn to do chemo?
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    From my experience and others that I know. Chemo is generly done on an out patient basis. Unless you have been admitted to the hospital.

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    I had 7 weekly sessions of Chemo. My routine was to first have blood drawn. The doctor would then check the results to make sure I was fit enough to receive Chemo. I was then sent to receive the Chemo. Took about 2 hours and was sent home. I was able to drive myself and the only effects was that I became tired. I was 59 at the time and considered myself to be in good shape. I would suggest that you force yourself to eat well and get pleanty of rest. That should help. Good Luck.
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    Hi,Tao -

    My chemo was done outpatient also at one of the clinics associated with our hospital. I received treatment once a week for three weeks, then off a week, over five months. Same as Bill above, my blood work was always checked out first and as long as my levels were ok they'd administer the chemo. If I needed blood transfusions or iron (I was anemic prior to chemo) they would sometimes admit me for an overnight stay. I've been off chemo now for two months and doing pretty well :-)
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    A patient can have chemo either in a physician's office, clinic or hospital. It would depend upon the condition of the patient at the time the chemo was administered. I have had chemo and was not hospitalized. Hope this helps you.
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    Hi Tao: I had chemo over a 12 week period: two drugs one week, one the next, then off a week. I had all of my treatments in my oncologist's office. Twice I had to go to the hospital for blood transfusions, but had the transfusion, then went home. I managed to work the whole time I had chemo, except for 2 days, one day each after the transfusions. Good luck!!