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I am a 24year old women who has watched my grandmother go throgh 3 rounds of chemo. She has always returned to the very engeric caring loving grandmther I always remember. Her last round of chemo has really taken away from the women who I have greatly respected all of my life. she has no energy and is not depressed, but is not her happy normal snap back self. I know age my have a factor this time around,but it breaks my heart to see this outgoing women so feeble. I need answers to find what foods etc can possible give some help. I have agreat concern this time. God has given me a very stong role model who would do anythin for me and I want to do anything that I can for her,


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    God Bless You for your love and care for your grandmother. How wonderful that you have such a compassionite and loving relationship. There are many factors regarding her situation, but here are some of my thoughts, having been through it myself.

    Chemo is cumulative, which means you will probably notice more symptomology as time goes on. Consequently, it will take plenty of time for things to subside or at least improve. How many more rounds does she have? Is it the carboplatin/taxol treatment? This is what I had. Did she have surgery also? Yes, as most chemo treatments it is very draining. It affects the red blood cells and other areas a great deal, and so you get that 'tired' feeling, no energy, difficulty catching your breath, etc. Sometimes, you get neuropathy, which causes pain, numbness and tingling in the extremeties (arms, legs, etc.). That can also subside in time. Obviously, appetite is minimal, and I also had mouth sores, a weird taste in my mouth, and sometimes no sense of taste at all. But there are some things you can do for your grandmother to get her through this.

    When she is able to eat, be sure it is high in protein and lots of good carbohydrates (whole grains like wheat, oats, etc.) and fruits and veges. Certain ones, such as tomatoes may cause stomach irritation, so tread lightly. WATER is so vitally important. Keeping well hydrated will make you feel better, as well as assist with constipation problems. If you can't get her to eat solids during chemo times, try a GOOD protein supplement shake, such as MetRx or WorldWide Nutrition protein supplements. They are easy on the stomach, and easily digestible, plus it is considered fluids that will help her. To this day I still use the protein bars that are the better ones on the market. I would break off little pieces, eat slowly and drink ice water with it. I didn't feel full or sick, I got some reasonable nutrition. Stay away from Ensure type products. They can create gas, nausea, and are very high in sugars, which will not help her.

    Is her doctor giving her anti-nausea meds? Has he recommended Procrit or other types of blood boosting shots? Certain vitamins could help her also. Right now, a good multi vitamin would be beneficial. There are others that I could suggest, but I won't give too much information right now. Plus, I don't know your Grandma well enough. I can only tell you what I do for myself.

    Our prayers are with you. Please write back and let us know how she is doing. Please take hope also in the fact that there are many long term survivors out there. I am a 5-year surivor AND COUNTING ON AT LEAST 30 MORE!

    God Bless you both.

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    Your grandma needs some time to recuperate from her surgery and chemo! My chemo started less than 2 weeks after my surgery, and I know my healing was just starting when the chemo started. Chemo is designed to slow all fast-growing cells down, and typically makes a person feel sapped, regardless of what age they are.

    Do what you can to help keep her spirits up without taxing her strength - if she likes to play cards, do that. If she likes to put together puzzles, do that with her. Anything that will keep her brain active will help her.

    Fruits will help stimulate her appetite, so encourage her to eat them.

    It's a struggle getting by the surgery and chemo, but don't get too upset seeing your grandmother in a "feeble" state. As Monika says, it's bound to get worse before it gets better, so give her all of the encouragement you can now and through all of it. Lift her up, and be positive!
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    First God Bless you, and your grandmother is already blessed for having such a caring granddaughter. Pray for her. God listens to our prayers. I also had ovarian cancer (46 years old) and God saved me for my five year old and my husband. It is alot of work staying healthy only because I have developed such bad habits in the past, but we can overcome. I have done alot of research since my cancer and one of the books I recommend is SUPER FOODS, RX by Steven Pratt, MD, (14 foods that will change your life, blueberries, broccoli, salmon, walnuts, oats, oranges, spinach, tomatoes, turkey, soy, beans, pumpkin, (tea and yogurt which I don't agree on) and if you don't like these foods , he give you alternatives. ) Another good book, Dismantling Cancer, call this number and they will send you a free copy, they are very nice. 1-888-500-hope! Also on my fourth session it got kind of rough , but they gave me a shot of neulasta ( I think thats how you spell it) it builds up your white blood count and really does work well. Try and not let her take the procrit because it's more toxins, telll her to eat spinach and raisins to bring up her iron and she can refuse to have the shot, that's what I did and my doctor said ok as long as I keep up my iron and with those foods I did. Good luck and let me know how it's goes.?