radiation pneumonitis

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I developed radiation pneumonitis about 3 months after completing radiation. Has anyone else experienced? I am wondering how long it lasts. After 3 months I still have symptoms. Also, the esophageal irritation that comes with radiation. Does anyone still have any discomfort with swallowing. Any help would be appreciated. God Bless!!! Cheryl


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    The problem with swallowing may be from esophageal stricture. So I think you should call your doctor for evaluation. The radiation pneumonitis is treatable and far better than lung cancer recurrence. Hope you feel better.
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    Hi Cheryl,

    My name is Jo Ann, I was diog. stage 111A nsclc (BAC)

    I Had 7 weeks of RX and at the same time I had Chemo. Then I had another 2 rounds of Chemo. I finished Rx on August 21, 2004, Started coughing alot late Oct early Nov. Doc tried to tell me it was just Sinus,I was treated w/antibiotics. In late Jan they said I had Radiation pneu. They gave me Advair since it is a steroid, but dosen't effect your whole body, just your lungs. They don't like to treat it w/prednisone anymore because it suppresses your ammune system.

    I also had bad problems swallowing during and after my RADS. They radiated very close to the esophagas. At that time and even after treatment I took an esophigal cocktail. made up of 4/5 different ingredients. It had benedryl and stuff to help numb it so I could eat, but even then I wasn't eating much,sometimes it hurt to swallow water. Now 1 yr later every once in a while when I swallow even soft foods It will hurt and feel like its not going down right.

    I hope this helps. You can e-mail me if you like at jo752417@aol.com

    My prayers will be with you
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    Hi, I had 38 Raidation treatments (Chemo at the same time) The radation burnt my esophageas pretty bad and I needed it streched. After 7 times they inserted a stent that remained for 8 weeks. I just had it removed last week and is working pretty well. My understanding is that a streching usely works well but I had a lot of scar tissue at that location and the strech wasnt working. By the way,,,, they tell me Im Cancer free now. Just hope I remain that way. Hope this helps. J1m