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I know I usually post concerning my husband. He was dx with CRC 10-03, surgery 2-04, NED as of 3-05.
But today I am here about my daughter and my husbands step daughter. She is 21, still living at home and going to school. She started having problems with her bowels when she was 12 years old. Over the last 9 years she has dealt with severe constipation (I have IBS). About once a year she will have blood in her bowel movements and to the doctor we go. They have always found a tear causing the blood. Well, she had this happen again the other night, but the bowel movement was not really that hard. Anyway, today we saw her Gastro doc and he said he wanted to go ahead and do a colonoscopy for her and my peace of mind.
Please pray for my child that they find nothing and that she will be okay.
God Bless all,


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    I will pray for your daughter. I will keep both of you in my thoughts.
    Be Well,
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    Kaye, Your daughter and your family will be in my prayers. Mike
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    Hello Kaye
    Have already said a prayer and will keep doing so- please let us know how the tests go..and try not to worry...(I know- easier said than done..)
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    Colonoscopy sounds like a good idea, just so it can give you peace of mind. I'm sending prayers your way.
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    kaye. will be praying. the peace of Lord be with you.

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    May God bless your daughter with his favor and protect her from any sickness....May God Give you strenght, faith and confident that with his blessing and favor all will be ok with your daughter....

    Luis( son of a mother with colon cancer Stage IV)
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    Dear Kaye,

    I pray that you daughter's colonoscopy will be fine. Please let us know as soon as you know the outcome.

    Thinking of your family,

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    Kanort said:

    Dear Kaye,

    I pray that you daughter's colonoscopy will be fine. Please let us know as soon as you know the outcome.

    Thinking of your family,


    Kaye..tell your daughter the following.When she is about to have the pre-med before her conoscopy tell her to close her eyes and imagine a rainbow. Tell her to imagine the wonderfull colours and follow them to the end. If you both imagine the rainbow as she is about to have her tests you will find love, comfort and huggs at the end of it. You will know that we all are with you both.
    Kanga's rainbows are full of love!
    Our prayers are with you, Ross and Jen
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    Kaye, you, your daughter, your husband, and your entire family unit are officially on the prayer list. Try not to worry too much. (yea right).

    Let us know when you get the results. Be well. jana