How many chemo drugs are there?

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Aside from Avastin, 5-FU, Eloxatin, Uritican(m.s.), Herbatox(ms)(not really a chemo drug but used in conjuction), are there other drugs out there that some of you have been put on to fight your cancer? I noticed in a few other postings that Xelota and Leveovorin where mentioned. Just wondered about these and others that might be out there to try.


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    I have heard of several on this website alone. Byron is on the FOLFOX with Avastin. I have also heard of FOLFIRI (which exhanges the Oxaliplaten with Irrinotican) both with Avastin are supposedly the first line treatment for metastatic crc. I have also heard of Xeldoa, but from what I can understand that is used after the first line of treatment..I'm sure someone will correct me as I'm not sure on that one...

    Hope this helps a little.....There are alot of more knowledgeable people who could help more...

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    Here is some that I have been reading about.
    Irinotecan (brand name: Camptosar) AKA: CPT-11

    Oxaliplatin (brand name: Eloxatin)

    ***These are used with or without Bevacizumab (Brand name : "AVASTIN")

    Also, there is a pill "Xeloda" (capecitabine) This apparently works by changing into 5-Fu when inside the body. I guess another form of 5-Fu and less side effects. This is fairly new drug approved by FDA.
    This can be used alone or with other chemo treatments.

    The only other one I heard of is very new (the "Martha Stewart" drug it's called) is
    Cetuximab (Brand name:Erbitux). This drug is new and expensive and added to different "cocktail combos."

    Another interesting one that is not yet approved but there are studies going on in Europe is with a drug called "brand name: TroVax" this is a immunotherapy drug that is supposed to get your body to produce antibodies against the antigen associated with colorectal cancer.

    Another I read about is new it's called "PTK/ZK" and this is given in comdo with FOLFOX. I don't think it's used yet except maybe clinical trials.

    And lastly I read about one not yet approved but sounds good: "smart bomb" it's a nanocell that is supposed ot deliver a lethal dose of drugs directly to tumors. Not yet used in humans but shows great promise in mice according to researchers at MIT in Boston.

    Not sure about any additional ones but hope this helps.

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    hi -

    Re: Xeloda. It is an oral chemo drug that is metabolized by the liver into 5-FU - so you could think of it as oral 5-FU. Leucovorin is not necessary. You take several pills after breakfast and after dinner for 2 weeks, then 1 week off.

    Originally Xeloda was approved for use when all else failed. But it is now approved for first line use in place of IV 5-FU and leucovorin - results show it to be at least as good as the IV method and definitely more convenient.

    Hope this helps.
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    And note that all of these drugs are primarily used for COLON cancer. There are over 100 different types of cancer and every one of them has a differnt chemo protocol, so there are HUNDREDS of chemo drugs out there.

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    the world of medicine is a very complicated one but here are some helpful hints. Sometimes i find that the word chemo has a negative tone. Really if you think about it ALL medicines (not just those medicines for cancer) are "chemo." whether you are taking prescription or over the counter meds or herbals they are all chemicals that we are putting into our body. I like to tell my patients that the medicines prescribed for them are their cancer drugs just like they have blood pressure drugs or diabetes drugs. It seems to calm their nerves a bit. There are hundreds of cancer drugs out there and most commonly 2-5 are used in combo with one another to treat the various cancers. The current gold standard in colorectal cancer is 5-FU + leucovorin with various combos of other meds depening on the staging of the cancer