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Hi all, hope everyone is doing well. We've had some great news on these boards lately...let's keep it that way.

Well we've hit another snag. Scott has a fistula. Has anyone had experience with this? His surgeon who drained the abcess doesn't seem so concerned about it. But then again, the man has no bedside manner whatsoever. We have an appt with a stoma nurse today to put a tube in to drain it. We are also meeting with his onc today to discuss continuing chemo. We cancelled last weeks chemo because Scott just was not feeling up to it.

Tomorrow is the last day of antibiotics....yea!! I have been getting up at 5:30am to hook the antibiotics, then off to work til 1:00; then coming home to hook Scott up at 2:00; then working at home; then picking up the kids at 5:00 and taking care of their needs; then hooking Scott up at 10:00pm and waiting til the IV stops dripping, then finally getting to bed about 11:30. Then it starts all over again. Then, of course, there's everything else that needs tending...the pool, house, laundry, etc. Needless to say I'm exhausted!! My neighbors have been great. My one neighbor has been mowing my lawn and my other has been helping with the pool.

The kids start school in 3 weeks. That's going to be tough throwing homework and making lunches into the mix. But at least the antibiotics will be done.

Well gotta get back to work. Keep healthy!



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    A fistula ... as in an anal fistula? I think it's similar to an anal fissure, but not exactly the same. Anyway, if I am correct both of them involve tearing in the linings of the anus, and face it ... whenever you see the words anus and fist together you know there is going to be trouble. I am finally recovering from an anal fissure, but that must be the lessor of the evils because I never had to have anything drained by a stoma nurse. But what did help, and continues to help, is a medication called Proctofoam HC. That turned out to be a life saver for me!

    I wish Scott the best of luck. If he is having symptoms similar to that of an anal fissure, then he must not be very happy with the situation. Best wishes ...

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    So sorry Scott has all this going on!!

    Just had to tell you I felt tired just reading your post. YOU ARE SUPERWOMAN. I guess you just do what you need to.

    You are simply wonderful. Try to treat yourself to a little rest when you can.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. jana
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    Hey Linda;
    Just want to echo Jana11's statement...you are truely a Saint!!! Keep up the great work, and by all means let your neighbors and friends help!!!
    Hang in there...
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    My heart goes out to you. I often worry about my husband, because he is the one taking care of everything while I try to beat this beast. However, you are going thru so much more. I don't need iv treatments, my daughter is essentially on her own (ok, one more year of college, but she's not living with us, so we don't have the day to day worries), and no pool (though we just had a pond dug-are we nuts?). Anyway-you have so much on your plate. I'm glad you have such good neighbors and you are willing to accept help from them.
    I hope you get a moment to yourself every now and then.
    I also feel for Scott. I haven't had a fistula, but hope that they can get it cleared up quickly. And I hope he is well enough soon, to continue the chemo, though we all know (thanks to emily, lisa and others) that there are always other options.
    Keeping you in my prayers.
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    Linda, you are amazing! Scott has come a long way and it is because of your strength and determination. He is SO lucky to have you. Do take time to rest whenever you can and as said above, allow others to help you in any way they can. It will make them feel better and will certainly give you a little respite.

    I am sorry to hear about the fistula. I know we were told it can happen sometimes, especially when on chemo.

    I think about you and Scott often and remember you in my prayers so I always look forward to your posts to hear how you are doing.

    Take care,

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    Hi Linda, my dad has stage 4 colon cancer and ever since he started his chemo he has had pain in his anual area. Im starting to wonder if he has a fistula. How did Scott know it was a fistula? Does that mean its was infected. Because I thought my dad just had a hemmroid but maybe its a fistula. Thanks for any info you can give me and best wishes to you and your family. Mindy
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    Hi Linda:
    From what I can remember a fistula is like a bridge connecting one organ to another- and can easily get infected so I am not surprised it needs to be drained/antibiotics- but am sure it will get cleared up soon.
    Try to take care of yourself tho- it sure sounds like you have alot on your plate..I know they say that God never gives you more than you can handle but I am sure at times that seems like nonsense...Prayers are coming your way and take care- ok.
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    Blimey- that is a full on day and on top of all the emotional turmoil that must be going on you must keep an eye on yourself too. Probably keeping so physically busy stops you having time to sit and worry about the situaiotn too much so probably has its benefits. Do try to find time to do something for you that you enjoy if possible. It will help to keep you going when things get tough. Sounds like things are on teh mend though so keep us up to date and good luck,
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    linda. your days are certainly challenging. i will pray for continued strength. i am glad scott is doing better. i hope relief finds you soon. glad the neighbors are a help to you. take care.

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    Hi Linda, Just a note to say that you and Scott and the kids remain in my prayers; your routine sounds exhausting, I hope additional help keeps coming your way. Judy
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    Hi Linda,
    My mom had a fistula when they went in for the surgery 3 weeks ago. I cannot remember what two organs were connected by the cancer but I think it involved one or both or the bowels. He took out whatever cancer was there to separate the fistula. Do you know where the fistula is? I am not sure what complications can come about because of a fistula.
    What is the latest chemo that Scott is doing? I hope he gets some good results from it.
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    Linda: You need respite; often your insurance will pay for in home care-check with your hospital social worker or the ins. company to see what's available. It's important for you to stay healthy for your family's sake, and it sounds like you are on overload.. Nanuk