waiting for test results again!

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Hi Everyone,
I saw a gynocologist/oncologist today for some female problems that I have been having. The result was a biopsy of the uterus. Apparently uterine cancer does not show up on pet or ct scans. That sure surprised me. The doctor also said that the surgeon who did my surgery for rectal cancer should have removed my uterus. The biopsy results won't be in for a week. I am really tired of waiting.
It seems like every time I begin to believe that things might actually be ok, something else happens. yuck!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for listening.


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    I can feel you on the waiting part. Keep a positive attitude and don't give up. Last year I had a colon recurrence in the same spot. I had a blockage to my left kidney so it had to be removed. I had a hysteromy done in '93 but left my ovaries. While surgeon was in there, he removed the ovaries too. Can you imagine being in the hospital and all of a sudden you get hot flashes? When I went to see the radiologist, he went over the procedures I had done, like the colon resection, the left kidney removal and my ovaries. I said what? He showed me the chart. I say I see now why I'm having hot flashes. When I went back to the surgeon, I asked him if he removed my surgery and he said they were beginning to be infected from the tumor so he went did it so nothing else what happen. Just hold up and be strong. Just P.U.S.H (pray until something happens)
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    Hi Jamie,
    The waiting is so hard. You are not alone.
    For what it is worth, I had surgery for rectal cancer and they did not remove by uterus -- and my docs are very conservative. I do have annual PAP and gyn exam.

    I will be thinking of you. Please let us know when you get the results.

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    unknown said:

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    The reason that the gynocologist thought that my uterus should have been removed during surgery is that it was enlarged and the surgeon almost removed it because it was in the way and then decided not to. I also have a history of an irregular cycle and was 46 at the time. The chances of my getting uterine cancer given all of that is apparently much higher than that of the average woman. Also, if surgery had to be done now it would be much more difficult because of radiation damage.