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Hi ! Havne't posted in a while, but I'm always reading your notes. The day of my last treatment ( last Wed ) went to pee and saw blood in my urine. Blood test are showing that kidneys are not working properly ( even thought they are going back to normal )X rays and sonograms where negative. Dr. do not have a clue why it happenened. Any ideas out there ? This cause me to be at the hospital 2 days.
A lot of good news out there...SOOOO happy for you guys. I will have my ct and pet at the end of the month. The one I had 3 months ago was NED.Take care !!!!!


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    Hi Ileana,
    I'm sorry you had this experience. I don't know the answer as to why you had the blood in your urine, but you've clearly done the right thing and had all the tests -- that is the important thing -- that you and your medical team are on top of it. I've had a few 'hiccups' that I've never quite got to the bottom of -- but have recovered from. Please keep us posted and best wishes to you.