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My father's recently been diagnosed with stage 3b/4 NSCLC. He's just completed his first cycle of chemo: gemcitabine + carboplatin, with possibly thalidomide, as part of a clinical trial here in the UK. His oncologist assures us that these drugs are cutting edge, and that there would be no better treatment options in the US, but I'm not sure. Does anyone know? Hope someone can help.


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    Your question is a hard one to answer. I live just south of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, the acknowledged (by most) medical center of the world. I was treated by Boston doctors, in Boston facilities, for NSCLC, 3b, T4, and I am now 4 years out from surgery and cancer free. Every case is different, but my guess is that treatment in the U.S. is more advanced. There is more money available for cancer research here than anywhere. Try contacting the Dana Farber Institute in Boston.
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    I'm a NSCLC 3B survivor 2.5 years post op. I had radiation and taxotere with carboplatin pre op then gemzar with carboplatin post op. I think the post op chemo is the latest method of attack when surgery is an option. There may be newer drugs out there. Keep searching. The US seems to be on the edge in research and clinical trials, but the drugs for the masses seem to get released sooner in Europe.
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    I would encourage you to look no further. This is indeed a reasonably effective therapy. What you should spend great time and effort on, however, is ensuring your Dad's quality of life in every way he wishes. I am sure you know this is a palliative chemotherapy. If the side effects i.e neuropathy, constipation become a problem, don't even let it bother him. Thalidomide needs to go.