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Thanks for answering. M. and I do'nt have a real good relationship. Me and my husband Bill had dated years ago before M. and the kid's ever came along. After she told him she did'nt want to be married anymore and divorced him, a year later we met again and have been ever since. The problem is she admits she made a mistake, despite the fact she filed and his friends at work had to tell him he was getting a divorce! She's pentecostal and does'nt believe in remarrying. So instead she's drove me crazy over the years. She's on depression meds and yes, it just the kids in the house with her. I have been there when she has refused an advocate or helper. She just wants it to be her and the kids, that's it. Bill loses his patience, but she's threatened to take him back to court if he confronts her. He is such a good father and we do everything for them. Despite the way she is, he wants them to know how to behave when they grow up or they ever get a divorce and have kids. The kids do have counclars at their school. It just bothers me them being alone like that with her. She's always put pressure on H.18 ever since she was little. She does'nt think twice about it. Our hands a kinda tied. They live about 15 minutes away and we stop often a check on them.