I have to admit it's getting better

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It's getting better all the time! I got home last night from spending three days admitted to the hospital for chemo cycle number four. Usually when I complete a chemo cycle I go through about a week of utter hell, with the boiling hot diarrhea combined with the anal fissure pain. This time ... almost nothing! The pain is maybe 1/5 what is usually is! I think that the fissure may even be 90% healed. Drinking lots and lots and lots of water, taking some high powered multivitamins, and adding probiotics to the routine, I think all these factors have helped with the boiling hot diarrhea that I USED to experience.

So, thank you everyone for your suggestions as I have posted so many whiney notes about my burning diarrhea problems. I took all the advice and it seems to have helped tremendously. Once again, the semi-colon family came to the rescue!!



  • scouty
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    I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!! Give your body a chance to help you and it will. After all, God made it and he does not make mistakes!!!

    You made my day!!!!!

    Lisa P.
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    Yeah!!!!How awesome it that??????? I Predict smoothe sailing from here on out!

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    Hi Rodney,

    I'm glad you are home and that things are going better this time. Hopefully, the rest of your treatments will go as well.

  • taunya
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    Hooray for you!! I am so happy to hear this! I think of you often and hope for your health and happiness.
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    Hurray.... you have tamed the fire breathing dragon!! I see you as the King Arthur type, riding a white steed.

    Have a great week!! So glad the agony has abated! jana