What scans to get at check ups ??

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I was wondering what kind of scans do you get at your regular check ups and how often? I see my Oncologist every 3 months with labs and chest x-rays every 6 months, but honestly I don't feel x-rays are the best choice. I told her that I want to have a pet scan soon ?? any thoughts. My original Diag. 2002 nodes neg.I had bil. Maset. ( strong family HX BC ).I was told tumor so small I didn't chemo. then 2004 lump chest wall( I had a PET scan and no other spots seen) , surgery , chemo , rad. I am ER/PR/HER2 +++ so I started Herceptin just stopped for 2 months because of low muga scan, now on heart meds and will recheck in 2 months.
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    My doctor always orders blood work on me also a CA-15 and a CA-125 those are cancer markers they also tell your doctor what to look for.Also he orders chest Xrays and that is it . I had Cancer 14 yrs ago and then 2yrs ago .
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    Blood tests indicated that I had cancer cells somewhere ... so DR orded all kinds of scans...pet, ct, mri, sonograms. Found it...in the spine. I was ready for a recurrance in the breast ...not the spine. At least it was caught early ...so I think a close eye on the blood tumor markers is important