M. is not doing well this week

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The kid's called and said M. has been sleeping and in bed for 2 days now. She has suffered severe depression before her cancer diagnosois,so I do'nt know if it's that or because she's feeling worse. The oldest daughter is very imature for her age (18)next month does'nt drive, very dependent on Mom. It's like pulling teeth to know what's going on. Very Frustrating.


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    I am sorry to hear about this. Sounds like things have gotten worst since your last post.

    I am courious, does she have a husband or are the children the only ones in the house with her. How far do you live from her. Why are you affraid to get involved. I don't think I get what is really going on. Something missing.....

    What kind of a relationship do you have with these kids. Do they like you. If so why don't you ask if you can help. They are just kids themselves. This is overwhelming for grown ups being caregivers.. Can't imagine my mom dying and knowing what to do at age 18. Too much responsibility for any of them...Sounds like she needs an advocate. If not you someone. When you are that sick and depressed you do not have the strength to do much of anything. She is unable to take care of herself let alone the kids. Maybe she needs to be put on some depression meds. This lady sounds like she needs help now.... The kids need help also.. Probably counceling for the fear or denial or what ever that is going on worrying about mom and taking care of the house hold. This is way too much....

    Good luck