Last chemo treatment in June of 2003

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Hello this is Marilyn and I'm told that even though is has been two years since my last treatment that fatigue is not in my mind it is real and it is from chemo treatments . Does any one still stay tired like me after they have finished chemo treatments.? I do try to go for walks and other things .when I get off of work I notice that I still stay tired all the time .


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    Hello Marilyn,
    I finished my 8 rounds of chemo in Sept. of 2003. Since that time I have retired because I thought I would get my strength back but I continue to experience fatigue (want to sleep a lot and it is not due to depression) and weakness. My oncologist keeps encouraging me to exercise but with some neuropathy still in my feet, I have trouble walking and lose my balance easily. I was glad to see your post because I was thinking everyone but me has gotten their strength back. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, girl and pray for continued strength. God Bless You!!! Susan
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    Hey Marilyn,
    Michael here... yes.. this chronic cancer fatigue is not a made up thing. it is real. I have been almost 9 years out of treatment and I am still fatiged. Sometimes it lasts longer in some folks. Just do what you can and get lots of rest. I hope you feel better soon. God bless.