Reocurring Breast Cancer (liver)

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My mother had breast cancer 2.5 years ago, she had a total double masctomy. She opted not to take chemo. Now the cancer is back in her liver. She is now taking chemo toxal/carbo but after 2 sessions everything is going wacko.....bloodpressure 72/58 zinc, potissium, magnsium all just seem to be bottoming out. Any one else with these problems with chemo.


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    Dear Penny,

    I'm so sorry to hear about Your Mother!My heart goes out to you all.I don't know why things happen the way they do,one thing for sure is that once You have cancer - the chances for reoccurences are higher,with or without chemo.We all just try to do the best we can,make the best decisions possible with the information available.As for the chemo---while it's in there killing the cancer cells unfortunately it is also killing off good cells too! Your total immune system takes a big hit-making You more suseptable to a whole array of infections and bacterias that under normal circumstances we would even flinch. There are alot of medications out there to help bring things back up-neulasta is one,I can't think of any others at this moment but there are several. You should talk to the Doctor,actually when they do blood work they should know this. I've never had that combination of chemo (I had a/c)but they are all chemicals,thus not anything normally put in our bodies.Be sure when she goes back to the Doctor to make a list of all of Your concerns.If Your Mother continues to not tolerate this combination well the Doctor should either come up with something to make it better or if it gets bad enough to switch to another combination.There is no doubt that chemo takes its toll on our bodies and mind-sometimes we have to look at the bigger picture,at what is at stake.Your Mother is still with us,that means there is a purpose that she has yet to fill.Take Good Care of Her-and be good to Yourself too!Cancer takes its toll not only on the one with it but the family,friends and the caregivers.There are many Ladies here who have been through this more than once. Their strength and wisdom are abundant.My thoughts and prayers are with You and Your Family.
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    Sorry your mother is having a hard time with the treatment.

    I have stage IV breast cancer/matasised to the bones. Not in organs at this time. First time for treatment was in 2003. I had a lumpoctomy with no cancer in nodes. Had strong chemo coctail combination. 5FU/citoxin/Adrimisan (spelling is off on the last one) Also 33 radiation treatments. I finished chemo and radiation the end of Oct 03. Was diagnosed with bone mets in Oct 04. I am doing Toxal and Avastin. I do three weeks on and one off. I get Toxal and Avastin the first and third week and Toxal on the second week. My experience was low blood count and they had to lower the Toxal 20%. Everything else drops.

    I think it would be a good idea to see if you can put a call into the doctor about the side effect. It would probably put your mind at ease.

    Good luck and keep posting to let us know how your mother is doing. It is always a choice to do treatment or not. It takes a lot of thought and courage to make these choices. I can't tell you how many times I have thought about this myself. Also, this has to be so hard on you. I know it has been on my husband and family. So much fear and stress and anxiety goes along with this. Your mother is so lucky to have such a caring and loving daughter.