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My pa is 64 years of age.(dx rectal ca). 2 weeks ago my pa complained of his right foot being red and itchy. My pa mentioned it to his doctor. His dr.said it was an allergy. My pa told me yesterday that it is getting worse. I told him to contact his doctor becouse an allergy would last 24 to 48 hours this has been two weeks. I am worried because my pa started treatments yesterday and he is more suseptible to infection. One more important note, my father is an alcoholic. I am not sure how this will effect his treatment and progress. He is not drinking right now but, will probably have a few beers on the weekends when he is off chemo and radiation. My pa treatment plan is 5fu chemo thru a port mon-fri. and radiation mon.-fri.


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    Hi Pia.

    Does your father take a drug called Oxaliplatin as part of his chemotherapy? This drug is known to cause a sensitivity, a tingling sensation, in the hands and feet. I have experienced this side effect myself. It usually goes away a few days post treatment. The sensation is called neuropathy. If it's not this that's bothering him, then I don't know. I hope that someone else can offer more information for you.

    Best wishes,
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    Dear Pia123run,
    You have a lot on your plate worrying about him. I'm sorry that you have the added stress of his being an alcoholic. Let us know how his foot works out. 2 weeks of a red itchy foot is too much.
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    Hmmm. I am not sure about the foot thing, maybe it is totally unrelated?? Maybe it is from the radiation. I never had radiation. Does anyone else know? I know that while I was on chemo my doc told me not to drink. He did say, however, that afterwards I could go to wine tastings, etc. again. I would think it would be really important for your dad, since he is older and besides, all that chemo has to be processed through the liver. I hope he can lay off at least until his treatment is overwith.
    Take care, Susan.
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    I am wishing your dad all the best with his chemoradiation. And wishing you all the best as you support him through it.

    It might be worthwhile mentioning the rash again to the docs -- especially to his oncologist. Did they give him any medications to help reduce the rash?

    In terms of the alcohol, I think the most important thing is that you let the doctors (esp. oncologist) know. My understanding is that with some chemotherapies, one shouldn't drink at all but with others it may be ok to have a drink or two. Also, I am sure they have worked with patients with drinking issues before, and may know the best approach (moderation, abstinence, counselling, etc).
    I had chemoradiation for 5-6 weeks on a similar schedule to your dad before my first surgery. Although it may not seem like it at the time, it goes by pretty fast and one day will just be a distant memory....
    Best wishes.