Juicing Problems

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Message: I ran the pulp issue by my nutritionist, and she sez that the concentrated sugars in the juice are digested too fast in juice form, and hence supercharge cancer cells with suger. She suggests that you add some of the pulp back into the juice to provide some fiber, and slow down the rapid assimilation of sugar.
(this is a reply to Maria's thread.. couldn't get the board to post the reply..???)


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    I'll take the flack for that problem Bud. It was probably my "spar juicin'" that gummed up your puta mate.
    cheers, kanga
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    Thanks Nanuk..

    I am new to jucing so I will be playing around with this a lot. Actually I am pretty new to veggies! Sad but true. Its funny all my talk about the color of the pulp...a lot of that color goes straight out the other end in us as well, I've noticed...lol

    Thanks again for asking your nutritionist about this!