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Hello. I am new to this board. I have a question about Neupogen. I have been having terrible side effects from this medication (i.e. bone pain/headaches). So bad in fact that when my nurse called today to tell me to start another 3 day dose I started to cry. Has anyone ever tried Neulasta? How do the side effects compare to Neupogen? I have a phone appointent with my hematologist tomorrow and I plan to ask her about Neulasta. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you so much


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    I'm sorry I just read your message today, I might be a little late, but here it goes. I tried Neulasta, and I got symptoms similar to yours except that I also had terribly painful, red spots on my legs. i could barely walk sometimes, and the first time it happened, into the hospital I went because my doctor thought I had cellulitis (an infection) Turns out both the Neulasta and Neupogen caused it, but the Neulasta was worse because it's the encapsulated form of the drug (meant to be released over time, like an extended release tablet) while Neupogen is the regular, smaller dose (which is why it has to be taken in more doses. What I can tell you is that they do their job, my WBC count was kept high enough that I never had to miss treatments. Panadol often helps. Exercise a little bit. It gets better, I promise. I know what you're going through. Hang in there. Best of luck to you.
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    my husband took the neupogen shots before his BMT, the nurse told him the pain he was experiencing was because of the WBC building. hang in there.
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    i had to have the neupogen shots often.the first one i thought i was gona die my bones hurt so bad i could barley move.i couldnt move my neck it was like a bad creck .sorry about the spellingbut iam trying lol.but my doc said the does was to strong.he gave me some lortab for the helps dut dont take to much you can get hooked on it trust me .but it did help me get through it.