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i am new to this site, so please bear with me. I am the caregiver to a wonderful guy, his name is Hayes, he was 53 last month so another youster. He was diagnosed Sept 2002 with rectal cancer had pre op chemo/rad then surgery Feb 2003 (Valentine's Day has a whole new meaning for me now) permanent colostomy as the tumor was so low. Follow up chemo 5FU for 6 months, he went through all that pretty well. All was going well until May of this year, multiple spots on his lungs (inoperable) showed on his PET Scan, so again he started the treatments FOLFOX this time. He has has 4 so far, and doing pretty good actually considering, had his first CT Tuesday and we see the onc. next Tuesday (Aug 2), i am so anxious and all my fears are rushing back, this BEAST of a disease, I just have to remember not to let it get to me this bad. I know i will have to wait and see what the scan shows, hopefully as his onc. nurse puts it those spots have all melted away. Just having a down day, God only knows what my wonderful husband is going through he keeps his emotions under wraps, must be the Marine in him.... he is very positive, but to be truthful i think he is a little denial about the whole issue, does not want to discuss it most of the time, so I have to let him handle it his own way. Anyway sorry its so long, but just wanted to vent a little. Thanks for all the postings they have helped me alot, keep up the good fight.
hugs and prayes
Debbie aka the English Chick


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    I can only imagine how you are feeling. I, like your husband, am fighting inoperable lung mets. I've gone through 4 rounds (5weeks long) of folfiri and avastin. So far I am holding my own. No significant change either way in the size of the tumors, so I am on a break from chemo. Will have a cat scan the end of Sept to see if there's any growth and if i have to resume chemo. I'm writing this to let you know that even if they aren't melting away, there is hope.
    My husband and i don't talk a whole lot either. But i feel very supported by him.
    i hope you can get the support you need either through the boards or other family members and friends.
    Just be there for your husband. He'll let you know when he's ready to talk.
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    I can understand your anxiety....I feel the same way every time my husband has to undergo tests. It is awful having to wait. It seems many men do not verbalize their feelings...except maybe those who post here. Mine too says very little about his feelings.....I do all the research...he just says "what will be, will be"

    I do hope the results are good...keep the faith!

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    Hi Debbie,
    I am so glad that decided to post. As ever, so sorry that you beloved is going thorugh any hardship - and you as well. Lord knows, it affects loved ones so dramatically. It must be very scary to think about the beast rearing its ugly head - yet again. You mentioned FOLFOX; I just ended a regimen of it and now am starting a strong nutriitonal/supplementation regimen. There are many on this site who know A LOT about healing nutritionally. If you are the least bit interested, poke around with discussions. Aagin, A big welcome to you. Please don't feel alone. Come hear often for support - and maybe a few laughs to ease the stress.
    Cheers - Maura
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    Stay strong.... hope you get nothing but good results...

    Hearing Hayes story, I was diagnosed Oct 2002. Had rectal CA, with pre op chemo/rad, surg middle of Feb 2003 (perm ostomy), then post op chemo. Then May 2004 had a lung met, but it was removed. Then chemo.

    I am now 35 yrs old. Pretty close time line.

    My husband complains because I never cry, I keep it all in. But... what I feel I am doing is continuing to simply live my life.

    Sounds like you are a terrific support for him. This terrible disease is hard for the caregivers too.

    I wish you great results, let us know how it goes. jana