PSA Following RP and RT

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In April 2004 I had a PSA of 6.4 and Gleeson of 7s&8s in all 10 cores and a protusion through the capsule. Decided to have a RP in that month to which the follow up PSA was 0.3. After 6 months at that level the Urologists decided it was time to have Radiotherapy delivered in 2 gy batches for 7 weeks. My PSA moved to 0.27; subsequent PSA tests have seen it reduce to 0.22.

My Urologist and Radiotherapist are now saying it is probably benign prostatic cells giving the reading. My family are doctors and don't like me questioning medical authority so I have turned to this very good site to see if anyone else has had a similar experience.

I appreciate the time you all put into replies...many thanks


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    I can't comment on your PSA or the meaning but I do suggest a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, ??? opinion. You need to feel confident in your health care providers and in the care they recommend. My wife is a health care provider and she, my primary care provider and my oncologist all pushed me to get another opinion and not simply accept the first urologist's conclusions and recommendations. I did that and ended up with a different urologist, different health care facility and a different approach than originally proposed.

    Jim in Des Moines
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    I think I speak for all the survivors of Prostate Cancer treatments when I say we are all apprehensive when we have our PSA checked. Even after 4 years I am still a little on edge when I have mine checked. There is always the chance, however remote, that a cancer cell escaped treatment. I concur with the others that you would not be out of line to solicit a second opinion. If it were me I would consider having a test done at another lab. Sometimes results may vary lab to lab. If the reading continues to fall, as it seems to be doing, I would monitor every 6 months.

    Keep us posted on your readings and progress.

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    There is nothing wrong with questions to your doctor and a secongd opinion. go ahead and do it.
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    There is nothing wrong with questions to your doctor and a secongd opinion. go ahead and do it.

    My PSA has risent to .2 after having a RP in September o4. In June I had urethral ultrasound/biopsy of the surrounding area where the prostate was removed. All of the results were negative for cancer. My doctor is confident that the reading is caused by a small portion of benigned tissue remaining. Nonetheless, he has recommended a PSA test every three months for the next two years to be safe. This is a small price to pay as far as I'm concerned. I hope this helps.