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Hello this is Marilyn and tonight our minister started his talk about his wife being diagnosed with cancer which brought tears to everyones eyes because we are all in this together. Read Philippians 1:16-27 . We can make have a bad situation like cancer happen to us but we can turn it around and make it be a good thing .The important thing is There is a purpose for all of us having cancer . We can all be an example for others and be strong in the lord . We shouldn't give up. We can turn bad things in to good as long as we stay in the Lord . People will look at all of us as examples to them if they have get diagnosed with cancer because we can be of help to them.


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    That is so true Marilyn, a bad situation can become such a blessing. It is up to us as to what we do with our circumstances.
    I love the scripture
    Gen 41:52
    The Lord hath made me fruitful in the land of my affliction.
    The way I see it I am not going to change anything by being angry or depressed. The situation remains, but if I am happy and have a positive attitude that can really impact others. Hearing this diagnosis is probably the worst thing anyone can be told. Coming here and finding so many alive and doing well is such a blessing. We have the chance to show others there is hope. I firmly believe attitude and expectation is over half the fight. It is by faith I still am alive today!
    Thamk you Marilyn for the encouraging post.
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    Hi Marilyn. I just want you to know that I got goosebumps reading your post.

    Be blessed and take care.
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    Marilyn, my prayers go out to your pastor's wife. When I was first diagnosed members of my church family put a favorite verse on an individual index card for me. As time went on the cards would find their way into books, purses, etc. But always, the right card still shows up at the right time.

    Maybe something you may want to consider for your pastor's wife.