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My mom has had a port since the end of March. She has chemo every other week. Over the past several weeks immediately after her "take home pump" is removed she has developed extreme pain in her arm. Along with the pain is redness and heat. (I can feel the warmth when I touch her arm.) She has since had dye put through the port to look for a leak or clot in the port. There are none and a doppler to look for clots. None as well. Yesterday she had the port removed and reinserted on the other side. She is having chemo today through Thursday and has started to have pain on the side with the new port. The doctor has recommended advil. Has anyone else had this happen? Any suggestions?


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    Hi there.

    Sorry your mom is having troubles. Knock wood, I've had my port 1.5 years and no problems.

    Could she have a sensitity to the Heperin?(sp)

    Alergic reaction?

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    My wife has some tenderness around her port on occasion, but nothing like you're describing. That just doesn't sound right to me, but maybe someone else will have some information for you that will resolve the issue. Hope all goes well for you and your mom. Jimmy
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    I doesn't seem quite right. I had periodic pain/sensitivity, but much less since chemo has ended.
    I am sorry that she is experiencing discomfort...there is so much going on - hate to think of one more thing added to the mix!

    The chemo nurses were quite helpful - answering lots of questions. Or maybe the surgeon might be familiar with what is happening. Don't hesitate to advocate for her; this could be something that is an easy fix....
    Best of Luck.
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    Hi! I love having my port, as I have NO VEINS that they can ever get an IV into and when they DO get an IV, it blows pretty quickly. Having said that, I have had a LOT of pain associated with the port. They had a heck of a time getting it in to begin with and ended up having to use a pediatric one because my blood vessels are so small. The pain after surgery was terrible and it was still tender 2 weeks later when I had my first chemo. As of now, the pain in my shoulder on port side hinders my ability to dress myself, make my bed, hang up clothes, all kinds of things. The onc had x-rays run on the shoulder, but no structural damage was showing, so I'm to take Tylenol (no help) and get on with life. I KNOW that this pain is related in some way to the port, but no idea how or why. Could be from the tissue damage and/or nerve damage from the surgery to install the port, since the surgeon had such a terrible time of getting it in there. Hope your mom is doing better. Please keep us informed.