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Don't you ever, ever go away girl! It was people like you and your story that helped me and Mr. No Type so very much. You provided hope, inspiration, and all that other stuff. Love you lots, juicing and all :o)


P.S. Congrats on almost four!!!! One more to go and you are officially cured my friend....however, to me personally, every day out and cancer free is officially cured. Where did they come up with this five year bench mark crap anyway? :o)

More hugs,


  • tkd3g
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    Em wouldn't think of leaving us.
    ( we've got photo's that might leak out, if she did)


    Barb ( blackmail is not beneath me )
  • 2bhealed
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    oh thanks y'all.

    I just wondered if there were those who WISHED I would! haha.

    You can't get rid of me that easily!!

    But dang y'all I've been on here going on four years......(dec 12, 2001--first post)

    peace, emily