Hello to all you wonderful folks!

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I don't know what compelled me to get on the computer today and log straight into this group, but I had such a desire to say hello to you all that I just couldn't stop myself :o)

It's been a while, hasn't it and I want you all to know that even though you haven't heard from me lately, I think about so many of you so often that not a day goes by where I am not relating someone's story on this board to someone that I meet. All of you helped me so tremendously over time since this disease krept its way into my life that I think you will all remain a part of my existence until I cease to exist. I've scanned through some of the posts and am so saddened by what some of you are going through and that some other old friends are "amiss" but I am overjoyed at the continued support that you all give to each other and also the much, much good news that continues to flow on this board. I remember when I joined...it was this upbeat attitude and not the doom and gloom of cancer that kept me coming back and I guess still does...besides the fact that I have come to treasure you all. Okay, enough of the emotional stuff :o) On to how things have been.

Bert is now officially a two year cancer free survivor :o) :o) :o) Latest scans, tests, and bloodwork show that he remains okie dokie (Thank you Lord and all the powers that be). He not only looks great but is doing even better. Has a cold at the moment but hey, that's truly small stuff compared to a stage III colon cancer diagnosis. His onc recently told him that from all signs, he is doing splendidly and we are on our way to the five year mark (God, please be willing). I don't think I'll ever stop wondering for the rest of my life. Anyway, we've been blessed with good medical care, a fabulous oncologist, lots of prayers from friends like you, and a chance to continue living our lives as normally as possible, which is exactly what we intend to do.

Mom's off in Europe!!!! Yup, she went again folks. Her lung cancer has remained stable and her quality of life is very, very good. Continues to be asymptomatic and her onc truly is amazed at her love of life and her continued strength in battling this disease. Quote, straight from the onc's mouth, "girl, you rock." It will be three years in August since inoperable lung cancer diagnosis. To all you newbies, these two people are prime examples of why you should never, ever, ever give up. Please, please, please, cancer is not necessarily an immediate death sentence but a chance to get your priorities straight and fight with all you've got. Miracles happen every single day. Since my mother and my husband have both been diagnosed, several new drugs have come out...fortunately neither one have had to use any of them, but it's a comfort to know that should things change, and I don't see any reason why they should, they are out there. If either my mom or husband had seen the doom and gloom that I did when their diagnosis came, maybe, just maybe, they wouldn't have been around to reap the rewards of the new drugs should they need them...but so far, so good, and for all of this, I am grateful.

In my last post I told you all that I was participating in the American Cancer Society's ReLay for Life event. Well, I did and it was fantastic and very, very emotional. I had the overnight shift where I walked/jogged/ran continuously for 6 hours stopping only for water and "duty calls" breaks. The entire course was lit with luminaries bearing the name of a survivor or someone who had lost their battle and seeing how many, many, many there were, kept even me going. I must admit though, I was quite sore and pooped after my six hours. I was joined by members of other teams so I was not alone....we started at midnight and stopped at 6:00 a.m. My team's goal was to raise $3,000...we raised over $10,000!!!!!! Thanks to so many generous people, I was able to raise $1,500 of that $10,000 and was one happy walker/jogger/runner during the entire event. I purchased a special luminary for all of you guys on this board (and of course Bert and my mom and a few other folks that I know who have been touched by this disease) and each time I walked by the semi-colons lantern, it brought a smile to my face. It wasn't easy to find, but I found it. God willing, I will do it again next year and the next and the next...until I can't do it no more.

We finished the last room in the house last weekend. Now we will take a short break cause it's hotter than Hedes (is that how you spell it???) and then, on to the bathrooms. Oh joy, can't wait.

Michael, my son, received his BS in Psychology in May and Bert and I are so proud of him. He was determined to get it...even if it did take longer than expected as he works full time as well...but his persistence paid off. I know where he gets it from :o)

So that's about it. Now that I've brought you all up to date, I will try to stop by more often, but can't make any promises...still got a lot of things to catch up on and finish.

God be with you all...as I'm sure he already is.

Lots of hugs,
Monika (the California bunny who won't ever forget any of you)



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    HEY GIRL!!!

    Glad to see you back in here if just for a brief moment. :-)

    Thanks for the update! That is worth a big WOOHOO for Bert's 2 years and your mom going strong!!

    I will be celebrating my 4 years next month. :-)

    So nice to hear from you again.

    come back anytime and sit a spell.

    peace, emily who wonders how many wish she would just disappear rather than keep harping about no sugar and nutrition and juicing and stuff haha!! :-)
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    Hi Monika,
    So nice to wake up to your post and get an update on you all. Big hug to Bert and mom; the onc is right, she rocks, and Bert, too, (But still no typing, eh?) Isn't it great to be able to enjoy thngs like painting bathrooms again? Keep smelling the roses; and thanks for thinking of us all during your walk; what an amazing experience that must have been. I know that all those powerful prayers from our collective consciousness have a positive effect.
    Judy, who is nearing one and three quarters years out
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    Hi Monika!!! It's so nice to hear from you and it EVEN BETTER to hear that Bert is an official two year survivor! That's FANTASTIC!!!