Hello& No Biopsy Results Yet

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Hi All,
I just got back from a big ole camping trip to the Great North Woods in Maine. I finally got to see a moose.
I have an appointment on Thursday to see the surgeon. I gues I will find out the results of the biopsy then.
I noticed a couple of people who wondered "What biopsy?"
Well, I had had some bleeding for the second time this year and because it has happened three times or so in the last 2 years, the Doc thought a biopsy would be a good idea.
I have been creeped out worrying now and then. A bunch of you have really helped me with that and you have my undying love for it too!
I would be in a ward for those no longer able to cope if not for you guys!
Love and Good Thoughts,


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    Hi Taunya and I am sure you had a great time dancing with that ole moose!!!!!! I bet you had more fun then it did.

    I am curious as what they are doing a biopsy on? The scar from a previous surgery? If there are not other signs, that is all I can think it might be.

    Thanks and I am sure there are others out here curious about the same thing. You may have posted this previously and I was just having a senior moment but please refresh my fried memory (bet I get some comments about that from some of my favorite semi colons).

    Lisa P.