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My dad started off being treated with Eloxatin(Oxaplatin)but after his first 4 treatmens they did a CATScan and the tumor had grown so now they have switched him to Uri-t-can(sorry I'm spelling it like it sounds I don't know correct spelling). Has anyone been treated with this chemo drug or Eloxatin or know anyone who has? I just wondered if either was very successful for others.
There was another option available to him to try and that was Herbatox(C225) does anyone know anything about it and its success rate?
They mentioned something else he could try in combination with a chemo drug and it went by several names but one of the names was Martha Stewart drug.
My dad opted to try the Uritcan first and see how that goes.....his last counts were down...they are still high but they had come down since he has been on this drug. I was just wondering what kind of feedback there was on these drugs from others that have tried them.


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    Hi Becky, I did the Oxyplatin and lucavorin, 5 FU and avastin and had good results. That was last year, now there are some tumors in my lungs and I am going to start with Erbitux next week. I've heard that called the Martha Stewart drug It is supposed to be very good, but also very expensive. I am still waiting approval from insurance company. Best of luck to your Dad.
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    Hi Becky,
    I was diagnosed in 2003 and I was treated with Irretrocantin ( I misspelled this but I think that that is what your dad is on. I also took 5FU and leucovouryn. I was stage IV with mets to the lungs. I was on chemo and the mets in the lungs shrank about 50%. That was over 1 1/2 years ago and everything is the same so far so good. I was on this protocol before Avistan or Erbitux was approved. Hope this Helps.

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    Hi Becky,
    My husband REini had 6 months of irinotecan combined with 5fu and leucovorin the protocal is called FOLFIRI ( the oxaliplatin one is called FOLFOX) anyway each chemical kills off cells in a particular way so if oxaliplatin wasnt working it doesnt mean that irinotecan wont. Not sure of the others, my hubby juiced 3 times a day except the 3 days he had his chemo fortnightly The biggest side effect usually for irinotecan is diarrhea which luckily he didnt have - the major thing we worked out was that all the chemo and steroids and anti nausea drugs ( best one if zofran doesnt work for him was Aprepitant ) was to have 6 prunes a day for fibre for he was prone to getting gut wrenching cramps otherwise this worked well
    Good luck