Semi-Colon Handshake

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For those of you who missed it, go back and read Barb's "ICKY Tip" thread..Barb and Aspaysia will go down in the Annals of Anal Articulation.

Bud-who looks forward to singing Kum Baya and bumping bums at the 2nd annual semi-colon circle..


  • bsrules
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    Read them all!!!! The girls win hands down!!!

    I got a good dose of laughter as I needed it today!!!


  • tkd3g
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    Why thank you, Sir Bud.

    Always trying to help the potty challenged.

    Sorry I'm not going to be bumping buns. I want pictures!!!!!!

    Barb ( who REALLY wishes she could make it to Vegas)
  • scouty
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    Durn it and thanks bunches Bud,

    I missed Aspaysia response, but it did make me laugh out loud. Only those with the matching shoes to go with their bags will understand. My family has installed push button odorizors in their bathrooms just for me. I wonder how much radiation and other toxins are in them. But like Asp says, everyone does know exactly what you just did.

    Worse things could happen. "Making puddles" is very enlightening. Giggle, giggle.

    Lisa P.