I need help for my Dad

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My Dad has gone thru some testing and he came out with melanoma. He had a tumor the size of a mini football he has been going thru radiation and its shrinking. But his dr told him there is nothing he can do further. They gave him 4 months to a year left. Does anyone have any suggestions or anything to help. He doesnt have access to internet so I am his Daughter and would like to learn more and see what other treatments are out there. My dad is still a young guy (51) and hardly ever been sick please help ASAP


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    Where was your Dads tumor at? Are they going to remove it? My husband just had a tumor removed the size and weight of a gallon of milk. There are all kinds of treatment. We have lived with melanoma for 10 years. I will keep your Dad in my Prayers I have two daughters 13&11 c
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    My husband was diagnosed with melanoma exactly one year ago. Since then I have been reading a lot about this awful disease.
    I am not a doctor, but I think that there are a lot of treatments and trials out there and that it is probably worth it trying anything available.
    You can write me at [email protected], if you want to discuss this further.
    Please, check also www.mpip.org and click on Bulletin Board. You cna ask questions and find answers there from a lot of melanoma patients and their families.
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    Have you serched for any clinical trials? I recently read in a magazine about a young woman who had Melanoma that metastasized to other organs. She is now a survivor. The article did not specify the exact treatment. I will look through my magazines and contact you regarding the finding. You could possibly contact the editor or the author to find out more information. My mom passed away from Melanona three years ago. During the time she was ill I reserched several different clinical trials, however, she had an unrelated problem with her liver that kept her from being a canidate for the trials. Search every clinical trial you can. My email is [email protected] If you don't hear from me tomorrow please email me. Good luch and god bless. Remember never give up hope. Everyday they find new advances in medicine.
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    I am sorry to hear about your dad.I have stage 4 malanoma.first off dont take no for an answer.Be strong.There is so many things out there now.Pick up the phone and start making calls to everyone.find out on the internet all the places for skin cancer ,then start calling and finding out all you can.I am a 31 year old female w/three boys,stage 4 malanoma but i will not let this put me down!!I will raise my boys one way or another...be strong and dont give up.hopes and prayers to you and your father....jackie31