Future Treatment options for unresponsive tumors to chemotherapy

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I thought that the members of this board would like to know about future treatments that will be available to treat tumors that are unresponsive to chemotherapy.

Using a method called 'directed drug delivery', drugs are pushed directly into the tumor under pressure by using a catheter. If there are multiple sites, the catheter is repositioned for the next lesion.

This technique is not curative, but is meant to keep patients alive with a good quality of life. It is also viewed as a way of prolonging life until the next drug breakthrough.

In clinical studies, the response rate for breast cancer was 100%. You need to keep in mind that these are small studies and large study results will be less.

Our device will be the first of its' kind and will be available by 4/1/06.

If you want additional information, go to www.vasculardesigns.com


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    That awesome! Thank you for the great work you do.