Intermittent Hormone (Androgen) Deprivation Therapy

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I was diagnosed with PC in Mar 03 and am undergoing ADT having so far received four (4) quarterly inplants of Eligard as there was evidence of spread to the lymph nodes. PSA went from over 30 to 0.2 as of Apr 05. I understand that eventually the cancer cells will become androgen independent or refractory. My question: Has anyone out there been receiving Intermittent ADT or is participating in a clinical trial on IAD? If so, I would appreciate your input. My urologist seems reluctant to discuss IAD. Thanks.


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    Intermittent ADT acording to the researchs delayed pc androgen independent.1 year treatment 6 mounth stop..That is the way of prostate cancer treatment in europian contries.This was discused in international congress of urology last month.