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Has anyone that has had head and neck cancer had a halter monitor done? I have experienced four episodes of blacking out since I found out that I had cancer and yesterday the doctor told me that he wanted to do a halter monitor test on me so I am curious if anyone else with the same type of cancer as me has had this done or experienced times of getting warm, dizzy, and passing out. Thanks in advance for any discussion.


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    Hey Sue...
    I have episodes of getting extremely light headed and felling like I'm going to pass out but have never actually passed out...they have done all kinds of blood work and everything seems to come back ok.....it is very annoying...I have not heard of a halter monitor..what kind of test is it...I would be curious to know.....I had squamous cell in the neck witht he primary in the tonsil...had surgery last october and radiation for 6 weeks from 12/19/04 to 2/10/05....look forward to hearing form you soon