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Hi everybody,I havn't been on in quite a while.I had my surgery on June 14th and was released from the hospital on June 19th. I feel suprisingly good.They took out 16 inches of colon & rectum 38 lymph nodes with only one showing evidence of cancer.But the radiation had done its job.THANK GOD!!! I have an Illiostomy for 6 months. Its taking a little to get used to it.But its not to bad.Thanks to all for the great advice before surgery.I believe that was what helped me recover so quickly. I indeed did walk walk walk. And then walked some more. And I'm still drinking enough water to float a small ship. I know I'm a long ways from out of the woods but very releived to just have it out of me.
Thanks Again


  • taunya
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    Hey Ron!
    Great news! I am glad to hear that everything went well. It sounds as though you are in good spirits and feeling well to boot!
    Good job. Hang in there, it will just get better.
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    Hey Ron, Congrats on getting over that hurdle. Keep up the good work. Judy
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    Hey Ron,

    Well, consider yourself officially part of the family.

    Glad to hear you are doing well. I think the walking and water are fantastic ways to go.

    Keep it up.

    LIVESTRONG, fellow Semi-Colon!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • kerry
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    Welcome fellow Semi-Colon!!! Glad to hear you are doing well. Keep us up to date on your progress.

  • HowardJ
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    Glad to hear it went well. "Official" welcome to the group that supports each other, helps each other deal with difficult times, and makes each other laugh.
    It's a great place and wonderful gift.
  • BusterBrown
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    Hey Ron:
    I know how you feel kinda...I had my resection surgery done on May 24th, 05...So far so good, I'm back at work and virtually pain free. Like you, I walked everyday and drank a lot of fluids, mainly water. I'll tell you, these semi-colons are a good lot!!! They know what they're talking about and that is what makes this sight great.
    I wish you the best and a speedy recover...
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    Hey there Ron,
    So glad that your are feeling so well. You are sounding terrific! Best of luck....and welcome!!
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    my name is claudia and i am 34 and was recently diagnosed with rectal cancer. i am in my 4th week of chemo radiation with oral xeloda that i have had to be off of twice already because of low white blood cell counts. i hate being off of it as i do not want to give the tumor a chance but am being told if my WBC are low, xeloda is still working and the concentration is greater in tumor. my tumor is low lying thus i may have to have a perm colostomy and will not know until i awaken from sx. i am receiving tmt at NIH on a TNFerade trial and hope to have sx at Johns Hopkins if I can make it thru my insurance obstacles. i wanted to introduce myself and tell you i am open to any advice. what is this about walking? i have been feeling awful so have not exercised but am getting ready to start walking. is the walking advice in reference to right before surgery???
    i have been having symptoms since January but was pregnant (had a beautiful baby girl April 2) so was misdiagnosed as hemorrhoids and constipation until may 27. i try not to focus on all the time passed and am very anxious about the time passed and spread of this disease. i am stage 3 with LN involved on one side.