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Mom-stage 3 crc=taken Avastin,5FU,Oxi ect....stopped the Avastin 2 weeks ago and began Eributox....after a week..abdomen swelling..not sure if colostomy related she refuses treatment last WEd. until they find out what is going on with her stomach...Sunday her leg swells...long story short...2 blood clots in her lungs..she shouldn't be here...BUT she is...they have removed her ventilator, feeding tube as of her abdomen is swelling again..they have determined that she has fluid in her ab and we are waiting to have it drained and tested...............WOW!!!! Throughout this all, we are still in awe of what GOD is doing in our lifes and how strong my Mom has been able to be. You all know that this takes you through HELL and back...I hope this will give you strength in knowing you can make it through the rough times and also educate you caregivers that if the le egin to swell, seek medicalattentionimmediatly..Mom was just walking to her truck when hers broke aware of this...movement is crucial..........


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    you, your mom and her family are in my prayers. She sounds like an amazing woman.
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    Truly a strong woman.

    God bless you, mom and your family.

    We beat this crap everyday!!

    Stay strong and keep on fighting.

    You are in my prayers, as well.

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    KK -

    I'm not Catholic, but sometimes I think we do our Purgatory on Earth so that when God's finally ready for us, we can go straight to the head of the line privledges... "'Scuse me, God cave me cuts-in-line!"

    Keeping you and your mom in my prayers.

    - SpongeBob