Laparoscopic Prostate surgery

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I am 63, 25# overweight, and was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer- Stage 2A- Gleason 8- I was most fortunate for the following 3 reasons: #1- I advocated getting a biopsy when I saw my PSA jumped from 1.7 to 2.6 in a year...below the recommended levels,but still a big increase in a year #2- had the biopsy under sedation in the hospital, not in the doctor's office- In the hospital under sedation more samples of tissue can be taken as there is no pain- In only one sample out of the 16 taken was there any evidence of cancer- If I had had it done in the office,the doctor told me he would probably have missed it as there was no evidence of a tumor #3- I opted for laparoscopic surgery and am I glad- If I did not have general anesthesia I would have gone home within 3 hours after the operation. No pain...and I mean NO PAIN...some minor discomfort but much less than many trips to the dentist- was walking the next day for 30 minutes;2 days 40 minutes-3 days, 4 miles!! Absolutley no discomfort whatsoever in 4 days!! Catheter out in a week-virtually no incontinence after 5 days! zero PSA after a month- If I went with seeds or radiation it would have taken much longer and perhaps it would not have worked and I would always need biopsies- The doctor who operated on me does 8 ops/week and has done over 800 in the past 5 years-The only way to go-


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    Who was your doctor, and in what hospital was your surgery done?

    Thank you
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    Sounds like we had the same doc in southern Fl and I had the same wonderful experience. Good luck
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    what state are you in and what doctor or clinic? Divinci or regular.