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several tumors have been found in my mother's lung, and we are in the process of choosing a doctor. she lives in north carolina and will most-likely be required to travel for treatment regardless of which cancer center she chooses. has anyone out there had a particularly good (or bad) experience with a north carolina cancer center or doctor in particular. we are looking for doctor/treatment center recommendations. thank you for you help.


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    I'm sorry to hear about your mother.

    I was DX with non small cell lung cancer about 1 year ago.
    After researching I decided to go to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa, OK. I recieved excellent care.
    They incorporate nutrition, Natropathy, spiritual along with the latest treatment options.

    It is always good to get a second oponion. If you call their 800 # a trained oncology specialist will speak to you and your mom. They also collect Ins. info and if your ins. covers most or all of the treatment they will fly you there along with your mom at no cost to you. Then they will continue to fly your mom free for as long as she goes for treatment and/or check-ups.

    Hope this helps, My prayers will be with you

    Jo Ann
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    I live in Memphis, TN and was diagnosed with NSCLC on 5/9/05. Had lower R lobectomy on 6/6/05 (one tumor, contained) at hospital here in Memphis. I am originally from NC and from everything I have heard from my NC relatives over the years, either Duke or East Carolina Medical School Hospital are the best to be found. Hope this helps. Prayers and good thoughts go out to your Mom. Please tell her that she CAN beat this; I'm living proof that good things DO happen!
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    Think about interviewing several centers - I interviewed UNC and Duke and choose Duke because of their surgeon's experience. I have lately been going to Wake Forest to explore Radio Frequency Ablation which Duke does not do for the lung.

    Wake Forest is much cleaner and the people are so much nicer. Duke is like a big impersonal machine. Wake claims their Radiology department is ahead of Duke, but that their thorasic surgeons are less agressive.

    I would see Dr. Stieber at Wake Forest if you're considering radiation treatment. He would be able to recommend a good oncologist there to handle chemo.

    If you decide on Duke, talk to Dr. Dunphy for chemo and Dr. Brizel for radiation.

    I haven't spent enough time at UNC to give a recomendation there.

    Hope this is useful - don't delay.