nasopharyngeal cancer treatment complications

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My dad had developed and been treated for nasopharyngeal cancer in 1994 which resurfaced in 1997 and has been successfully treated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. From the treatments that he had received he developed some tissue scarring in the nose which he has to clean everyday. It seems to be a mixture of very think mucous and some sort of crust. He still has this problem occurring on a daily basis. He has been using a sinus rinse to help minimize the congestion but still bothers him greatly. One time he developed a mild cold and the doctor prescribed him Novamoxin 500mg Amoxicillin Trihydrate 500mg capsule for antibiotics which helped remove the mucous from the scarring as well. As the antibiotic was only temporarily he began developing the thick mucous in the nose again. He has tried the antibiotics a couple more times for future colds and had the same effects of removing the mucous in the nose. He is wondering what type of long term effects is there for taking the antibiotics and if there is any type of medication or treatment to remove the thick mucous in the nose. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Jerry Gee


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    NeilMed Sinus Rinse

    Hi, I have to use NeilMed sinus Rinse once in the morning and once in the evening to keep my breathing pathways open.  What rinse is your dad using?  I just use the plastic bottle with half a package of the mixture which is salt and baking sodea.  The company has other rinse methods available.  I'm not a doctor so I can't tell you the long term effects of taking antibotics.  Personally, I've had to take many anti-biotics due to my comprised immunity system from my NPC treatments.  So, I try to minimize taking anti-biotics because I worry about building an immunity to the anti-biotic.

    I think that weather may be a factor -- has your dad try using a humidifier?  Or air cleaner?  Maybe an irritant is causing his sinus to develop the mucous.


    Wishing your dad the best!

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    Hi Jerry


    Your Dad and I have all most the same problems. I was treated in 2002 for NPC then again in 2004, and it came back again in 2006 but did not treat it. I am having a lot of problems from the radiation that I got twice but I am still alive. I use a feeding tube to eat as I lost the ability to swallow. Anyway will send you a PM massage with my e-mail it would be better to talk that way.


    Tim Hondo

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    Antibiotics, yes you need to take probiotics.

    Antibiotics kill all bactiera, not just the bad but the good as well. If you like or at least will eat yogurt do that every day you are on antibiotics. If you don't like yogurt, you should take probiotics, and I take the one that has 4 billion in it. I have to take them several times a year for my COPD a long with a steroid so I take the probiotics to replace the good bacteria you need for digestion and staying healthy. For the thick mucus try to drink lots more water to thin it and you can use a Neti Pot to rince your nose and sinus. It really does help. I am a neck breather so my nose does not really work. It it very hard to blow my ose as all the air goes in and out my neck. I can get a little to go through my nose as I have a prothesis to talk with but that is only a 6.5mm hole so not much air gets through. The Neti Pot and saline really help clean and dry my sinus cavity.


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    Hi Gerry,

    Although I am able to sneeze out mucous while in shower with no problem, I too like Christmas have been using Neilmed sinus rinse once a day. It helps to clear out more mucous that is deeper in the nose I think.  My ENT says I will have build up there because of the lack of 'cilia' caused by the treatment.  I also found the days when I use Neilmed my nose drips once or twice a day. On days I don't use it, I don't get the nasal drip.  My guess is it helps loosen things up in the nose.  Good luck to your Dad.