chelation therapy?

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has anyone heard of this or have had this. a friend of mine wants me to try this. right now i am off chemo so it would be a good time. my friend knows someone who did this after she quit chemo and her cancer is gone although she does other nutritional things too. anyway just wondering if anyone can help or give me a good bit of advice. i will admit i dont eat the best actually havnt had much of an appetite of excercise much cuz when i do this cough of mine kicks up and it is not pleasant. anyway thanks for your input.



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    Hi Nettie,

    I do know a mother and daughter who have undercone chelation therapy. From what I understand, it is mega-dose vitamin IV treatments - but Imay not have it quite right. The mother was using it for leukemia; the daughter for anti-aging. I think it is expensive - but might be wonderful. Maybe others will have more in depth info for you. Best of luck to you.

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    hello nettie,

    Chelation Therapy is often used for ridding the body of toxic chemicals through IV or supplements or suppositories. We carry quite a burden of heavy metals--mercury and such--and this will help your body to detoxify and expel these. The metals and toxins can wreak havoc on your system.

    I have my amalgams removed specifically for the mercury content. Anytime you have a vaccination you are getting injected with mercury--or a flu shot etc.

    I have not personally had a doctor injected chelation therapy but definitely believe in them--especially for kids who have been dx'ed with autism and "ADD".

    My chelation came about with herbs and detoxing through juicing. There are certain substances that will bind with the toxins and usher them out the door.

    I think it is well worth it. And I think it goes hand in hand with improved nutrition too.....meaning maybe this will jump-start you into a good nutritional program.

    Hope this helps,

    peace, emily